Niche product ideas with insane online demand


What niche products sell on eBay?

The following are just a few good niche products that sell well on eBay:

  • 10x42 binoculars
  • Heart rate headphones
  • Two-way radios
  • Kids GPS watches
  • 3D printed objects

We recommend using actual sales statistics to find these niches.  The above items all have very high demand and buying activity, which will go a long way to help your niche business.


Finding a good niche product to sell online is a big task, and a rewarding one.  When you find one, the advantages are obvious (low competition).  But the challenge is, to find something that is also in high demand.  If it has no demand, then no one will buy it.  This is true for all online entrepreneurs, whether you're selling on eBay or Amazon, or are into affiliate marketing, or even building your website - the niche idea you have can make or break your business.

In this article, we'll take a new approach to discover niche items and ideas.  Instead of looking for just any products, we will look for the ones that are already selling well and have abundant opportunities for adding value or making our brand.  For example, I think it makes no sense to start yet another iPhone blog or website.  First of all, there's a lot of competition, but more importantly, it's too difficult to even find a way to add value to such a product, let alone make a margin.

Let's examine a few opportunities I found while browsing the MarkSight top selling product list.  I picked each niche while keeping in mind how I could make money with each one.  My favorite ways are to resell from China, become an affiliate blogger, or to create my brand.  And all of the ideas here can be used in this regard.


10x42 binoculars

The great thing about binoculars is, it's one of those items that always have a market, and probably will for a long time.  They are used by so many different people: hunters, hikers, and even astronomers.  The prices are also high enough to allow a nice profit margin, check out the screenshot below of some recent eBay sales:

10x42 binoculars product research

One more thing I'll mention is, binoculars are irreplaceable.  For instance, if someone needs the function of a camera there are several options: digital camera, camcorder, film camera or even just a smartphone.  If a person needs binoculars, there's no alternative product.  Of course, there are plenty of high-end ones that fetch hundreds of dollars but that's even a good thing because we can easily raise our price by $10 and barely anyone would notice.  From my research, I can see some good unbranded sets on Alibaba, which can be resold at a 20% profit easily.

It's also easy to add value in this category.  For example, imagine creating a blog devoted just to 10x42 binoculars.  There are only a handful good ones out there.  If you put in the work and make some great articles that help people, you will for sure get traffic and potentially referral sales.  Our top-selling eBay research items list can also help guide you by providing information about which exact models are getting most bidding activity.  If the idea gains traction, you might create your brand and add value with booklets and manuals. 


Heart rate headphones

This one is my favorite because of the small form factor and weight, and I also like the high prices.  It seems $80 is no problem for a set of heart rate headphones, in fact on both eBay and Amazon.  I also found a producer in China that sells these for just $6 apiece. 

ebay headphones research

Even though there are thousands of different sports headphones, the niche idea here is to only work with the ones that have a heart rate monitor.  From my research, I can see only one blog/website devoted to the topic (Bio Connected [dot] Com), and they're pricing their headsets at a whopping $297!!!  If this is not an opportunity, I don't know what is...

So again, here are the benefits of this one: super high demand (nearly all of them sell fast on eBay).  High prices.  High-profit margin potential.  Light and small which makes shipping/storage easy.  This is a great one for international sellers.

These are fairly new as well, with the first models coming out in 2016.  My guess is, they will get cheaper over time, but that's still a few years in the future.  And this might explain the lack of competition here, the big players just don't see the value of investing time when they can work on more mainstream products.  And the small players did not notice it yet.


Two-way radios

Walkie talkies are a similar item to the binoculars.  If someone needs a set of them, there's almost nothing else that would serve as a replacement.  The main customers are security guards, field workers, preppers and kids.  Besides that, it's just a cool item to have.

two way radios on ebay

I imagine there are several ways to turn this niche idea into a business.  The one with the least work is buying off of China and selling on eBay/Amazon.  With a bit more work you may create your brand and add value with parts replacements (batteries or antennas!).  In case you want to take the affiliate way, again the nice thing is prices tend to be high so it can be a worthwhile endeavor.  

There's also a good opportunity here for repeat sales that rarely exists.  Let's say someone buys a set of 2 and then realizes they need a 3rd one?  Sure, they can risk buying another one that might not be compatible with the rest, and they will very likely just come back to you.


Kids GPS watches

This is the least expensive item I have on the list, and so the profit margins won't be the best.  However, it still deserves a spot on the list because if the demand I see on eBay.   Sure, there are probably only a few dollars to be earned for each watch sold, but it can work if done in volume.

kids gps watches search on ebay

Why are people buying these kids' GPS tracker watches?  Think about it, kids are growing up and they're leaving the house.  These days, technology is so cheap that parents can always know where their children are.  Remember those 90s "10 pm, do you know where your children are" commercials?  Well, now parents always know.

That's the biggest reason I like this product idea.  I think, no matter what happens in the future, parents will forever be concerned about their kids' whereabouts.  


3D printed objects

If you happen to have a 3D printer on hand, you're in luck.  When I discovered these items here, I want to get one myself!  The business ideas are pretty much endless, and so I share the ones I think are the best.  It's important to remember the biggest benefits of taking this niche: you're only limited by your imagination, and you can print only if an item is sold (this means expenses are minimal).

luke skywalker's lightsaber

Above is Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.  It's fully reproduced to look exactly like in the movies.  It doesn't do anything fancy, which is even a good feature here (it's not a toy!).  Perfect for fans or as a gift for a fan of the franchise.


3d printed sundial on ebay

This is a cool invention that should be in the news.  This 3D printed digital sundial is getting lots of sales and is just too awesome.  It seems the way people make a living here is, they create 100 own products, and each one might bring in $1000.  If a product doesn't sell, just drop it and create another one.  Eventually, with enough persistence, it's still possible to make a full-time income.  From my calculations on this eBay listing alone, the seller should have earned over $1000 already.


3d printed cookie cutters on ebay

This eBay seller is a great example of creativity.  They have hundreds of different cookie cutter sets, each one priced at just a few dollars.  And it looks like they have no shortage of sales.  From my calculations on this idea, if they have 10 3D printers running 10h per day, the earnings are about $5k per month.  Not bad at all, and I admire their work ethic to create so many variants.



This should serve as a good starting point for your niche products research.  The goal here was to first research only the ones that are getting lots of actual sales.  This reduces the possibilities a lot, and you don't have to research dead-end niches at all.  I'm sharing this because I expect most people will not act anyway, and if I end up taking a niche here and working on it, I'll try and share my results.

As always do your research as well, and you can use our top-selling items list to speed things up for yourself.  Whatever you do, please only pick the ones that already have proven market demand.  In case you have more ideas to share, please tell us in the comments section below.

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